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April 21, 2022





Experiential Yachting is a new philosophy of yachting, where human potential rises to a higher level through the purposeful use of super yachts as floating establishments for living or long-term stay, as well as places to conduct various ventures, sea-related activities, holistic practices, explorations and learning.



The first international forum to discuss unique yachting experiences and activities, that bring additional value and purpose to the use of a vessel for yacht owners, charterers and crew.

This event is a great opportunity  for Yachting Professionals, Experience Providers, Owners, Owner Representatives and Captains to evaluate yachting from a different angle. 

Together we aim to up-lift Yachting with deep purposes and non-ordinary experiences, making a difference to the world and to people’s lives, as well as connecting Yachting to various sectors, such as Ocean and Human Health, Marine Science, Neuroscience, Philosophy, Metaverse, AI & VR Technology and so on.



  • Holistic Yachting. Yacht, Sea & Human health

  • Experiential Yacht Design & Yacht Building

  • Immersive VR & Yachting  

  • Yachting & Metaverse. NFT yacht brokerage

  • The future of Co-ownership & Group yacht ownership  

  • Yacht Repurposing. The future of super yachts

  • Environmental challenges & Yachting

  • Exploration, expedition & Yachting

  • New value of 'Classic' yachting destinations 


  • Get the new ideas for future yacht trips 

  • Expand your vision of yachting

  • Discover extraordinary activities on a yacht 

  • Discuss experiential aspect of yacht design and yacht construction

  • Learn about new adventures, programs and practices, that can be experienced onboard

  • Learn about the potential and benefits of being at sea 

  • Have an opportunity to share your vision and experiences 

  • Meet the experts and leading experience providers in yachting sector

  • Explore the needs and expectations of yacht owners and their representatives.

Our visionary partners




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They will share what has never been shared before  


Andrew Grant Super

Berkeley Rand 

Berkeley rands are a bleeding edge design & engineering house, based in Mayfair, London. We apply the latest Experiential Engineering technologies and creative ideation for our select Superyacht owners and charterers, developing unique and magical experiential adventures for all the guests, from the gastronomic theatrical in pop up desert island restaurants, to marine mammalogy exploration, tracking and AI communications, from recreating famous historic battles for our guests spanning for miles across oceanic waters to executing some of the worlds largest fashion shows ever to take place on water. 

Learn more about Berkeley Rand

Economou Tassos YPO_edited.jpg

Anastasios Economou


Anastasios Economou has been active in the yachting in the role of yacht owner for the past 26 years. Engaged in multiple refits and charter operations. He is the Founder and Managing Director of iGroup and currently the YPO Global Chairman 2020-2022. YPO - Young President's Organisation - is the global leadership community of extraordinary chief executives.


At the Experiential Yachting Forum, together with other yacht owners, he will share his visions on the yachting needs and expectations of the next generation of  yacht owners. 


Matty Zadnikar - ivanisevicivan_edited.jpg

Matty Zadnikar

Founder of SeaNet. Yacht Owner.  

SeaNet Europe Founder Matty Zadnikar is besides his personal experience in owning and managing boats and yachts also a very passionate navigator and captain with a Master 500 GT license. He currently co-owns a Benetti Delfino 95’ and a Benetti Mediterraneo 116’. In 2016, after having sold his industrial businesses and enjoyed a sabbatical year, the opportunity to create a company that furthered his love for yachts was one not to be missed.SeaNet specializes in Custom Yacht Ownership: offering first time buyers and experienced owners a variation of ownership models complemented with full crew & yacht management.

At the Experiential Yachting Forum Mr. Zadnikar  will  speak about about the Co-Ownership of new and  pre-owned Superyachts, as well as  answering most tricky questions about the Co-Ownership concept, expectations of new gen yacht owners,  the prospects of ordering newly built megayachts not as the sole owner of the yacht, but in a group of like-minded individuals. 

Learn more about SeaNet

Pierre Robert de la Tour_edited_edited.jpg

Pierre Robert de Latour

Cetody. Cetosonotherapy 

Pierre Robert de Latour, author of the French bestseller « Orcas brothers » ( « Frère des orques »and TEDx speaker, is a published Orca Expert who has been studying the exploratory behaviour of orcas for 23 years. With more than 6000 free dives at the closest of orcas, whales and dolphins, the life of these giants has no secret for him. This experience convinced Pierre that the cetaceans are a brilliant oceanic civilisation which have an unsuspected knowledge : they are capable of healing thanks to their songs.  The cetosonotherapy is part of alternative medicines and a holistic method of care that uses the therapeutic virtues of sounds produced by cetaceans.

Now available on superyachts! 

Learn more about Cetosonotherapy and USEA Diving 

Patrick Explorer Yachts.jpg

Patrick Coote

Founder of Explorer Yachts   

Explorer Yachts is The World's Leading International Conference Dedicated to Expedition Yachting, but not only. 

At the Experiential Yachting forum, the Explorer Yachts together with few selected leading experts in expedition yachtings will lead the panel dedicated to Exploration, Expeditions & Yachting and reveal their further visions and concepts related to the world of Explorer Yachts. 

Learn more at Explorer Yachts

Photo Guillaume YFS_edited.jpg

Guillaume Benoit

Yachting Fishing Specialist  

The highly innovative and unique concept of creating an unforgettable fishing adventure.

Monaco-based company Yachting Fishing Specialist is all about love of sports, fishing and yachting. In 2016, a team of highly passionate fishermen decided to create a company that pays attention to detail and puts the client's needs as a top priority. YFS helps to choose between several luxurious fishing adventures around the World or getting a full fishing support for a yacht trip around Monaco, SoF, Italy, Corsica, Sardinia. 

Learn more about YFS

Geraldine Hardy copy_edited.jpg

Geraldine Hardy

Empowering Self-care for Yacht Crew   

First ever course introduced with ACrew and Seably to help crew members setting healthy boundaries with others and be able to reserve the energy and not get depleted working on a yacht. 

Geraldine is a multifaceted consultant with over 20 years of a multi-hyphenated career in marketing/communications, sales & business development and wellbeing with trauma informed yoga therapy, meditation and quantum healing.

Learn more at Seably

2015-04-28 16.11.12.jpg

Sara-Jane Skinner

Blue Marine Foundation (BLUE) 

Known as BLUE, this UK registered charity was set up in 2010 by some of the team behind the award-winning documentary film ‘The End of the Line’. BLUE aims to restore the ocean to heath by addressing overfishing, one of the world’s biggest environmental problems. BLUE is dedicated to creating marine reserves, restoring vital habitats and establishing models of sustainable fishing. BLUE’s mission is to see 30 per cent of the world’s ocean under effective protection by 2030.

Blue Marine Foundation actively collaborates with Yachting industry. 


At the Experiential Yachting Forum  Blue Marine Foundation will  present a hugely exciting Mediterranean wide programme, which cover a number of projects in Greece, Balearics, Italy, Cyprus and Turkey. It's a great opportunity for yacht owners, yacht charterer and Captains to make the yacht cruising a truly purposeful experience by contributing in protection of beautiful places along the itinerary. 

Blue Marine Foundation 


Tommy Lexen


Immersive is a multidisciplinary creative studio that has been working at the forefront of innovative experiential design for almost two decades.


Having designed some of the world’s most impactful and mesmerising multidimensional live experiences in public, private and commercial spaces, the studio has established a reputation for developing the use of new technologies to expand the art of immersive storytelling.


Working collaboratively with some of the best global talent in conceptual design, visual art, animation, creative technology and innovative spatial storytelling, Immersive is changing the way art and technology are experienced.

Learn more about Immersive


Paris Baloumis


Paris Baloumis is Group Marketing Director of Oceanco. Having worked across Oceanco’s Netherlands and Monaco bases for over a decade, Paris has a profound understanding of its DNA, and is a regular spokesperson for the company. An advisor to the Oceanco Board, he plays a role in driving the company’s ethos as a pioneer in yachting. Understanding the importance of collaboration, Paris is passionate about partnering with leading minds across a wide range of sectors, to continue the positive evolution of the industry.


More Speakers to be announced. 


09:30 – 10:00    Registration / Morning Coffee 

10:00 – 10:15    Welcome Speech from Organisers & Sponsors / Introduction to the Forum 


10:15 – 12:15    Presentations / Panels - Session 1 – Experiential Yachting 

  • Experiential Engineering & Yachting 

  • Top 10 -  Most Incredible Yachting Experiences 

  • Yacht Owner’s expectation from Yachting of 21st / 22nd century 

  • Experiential Yacht Design & Immersive digital experiences. 

  • Yacht Building by purpose of use 


12:15 – 13:30    Sea-Themed Experiential Lunch, inspired by Seaspiracy and My Octopus Teacher movies. 


13:30 – 14:15    Presentations - Session 2 – Yachting & Health 

  • Cetosonotherapy onboard 

  • Yachting Therapy. Holistic Jet Ski experiment 

  • Empowering Self-care Program for Yacht crew & Yachting professionals 


14:15 – 14:45    Presentations - Session 3 – Experiential Yacht Ownership. 

  • Custom Yacht Ownership & Group Yacht Ownership 

  • Metaverse. NFT  & Yachting 


14.45 – 15.15  Panel - Session 4 - Repurpose & Conversion of second-hand yachts & vessels

  • Superyacht medical centres, superyacht community work-spaces, superyacht retirement homes, superyacht showrooms and much more 


15.15 – 16.00 Presentations / Panels – Session 5  – Environment. Exploration & New Challenges 

  • New challenges of Explorer Yachts 

  • Environmental responsibilities: BLUE Mediterranean Program 


16:00 – 16:20    Audience Voice. Pre-recorded video inputs from top brokers & captains. Possibility for the Audience to come on stage and share any inputs. (on-site only)


16:20 – 16:30   Tombola. Special prizes from one of the Superyacht Owners. 


16.30 – 16.45 Closing Speech from Organisers 


17:00 – 19.30 Special VIP experience "Yachting & Fishing" from YFS. By Invitation Only. 


The Program 


The Iconic Venue

The Yacht Club de Monaco 

Quai Louis II, 98000, Monaco 

The event will take place physically at the Yacht Club de Monaco and virtually (from any part of the world).







Experiential Yachting

6 avenue des Citronniers, Les Acanthes,

98000, Monaco

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