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Terms and Conditions 

Experiential Yachting Forum 


Terms & Conditions 


1.    General

1.1 These Terms of Experiential Yachting Forum (“Terms”, “Terms & Conditions”) are the terms on which the participants (“Partners”, “Speakers”, “Experience providers”, “Participant(s)”,  “broker”, “captain”, ”yacht owner”, “yacht charterer”,)  may participate at the Experiential Yachting Forum( “The Event”) upon availability and acceptance by Experiential Yachting (“The Company”, “Organiser”) and upon reception of booking fees, if required ( “The Fees”, “Booking Fee”). 

1. 2 Experiential Yachting, a Monegasque sole trader company incorporated under the laws of Monaco registered under number 12P07886, having its registered office at 6 avenue de Citronniers, residence Les Acanthes, 98000, Monaco. Experiential Yachting owns the website (“Website”). 

1.3 The Terms related to how we process your personal data and our use of cookies are specified with all possible details at Clause 4 Privacy & Cookies Policy. 

1.4 You accept the Terms by actually using the Website. You understand and agree that your use of the the Website as acceptance of the Terms from that point onward.

1.5 The Company reserves the right, at its discretion, to change, modify, add or remove any of the Terms, in whole or in part, at any time. Please check this Website and the Terms periodically for changes. 

1.6 These Terms & Conditions is the entire agreement between The Participant and The Organiser. 

1.7 If any provision of these terms is held to be invalid, illegal or unenforceable for any reason by any court of competent jurisdiction, such provision shall be severed and the remainder of the provisions will continue in full force and effect as if the terms had been executed with the invalid, illegal or unenforceable provision omitted.



2. The Forum Terms & Conditions


2.1  By accepting current Terms & Conditions you confirm that you have carefully studied and fully agree to the terms and conditions of whole process and conditions of The Event. This agreement is binding. 

2.2 The Organiser have the right to control, regulate and record anything related to The Event.

2.3 The Event takes place onsite ( the place is stated on the website) and online within the defined period of time.  

2.4 The Organiser may accept or reject any booking in his sole discretion without providing reasons. 

2.5 In case of rejection The Organisers will return Booking Fees in full to the Participant.

2.6 The confirmation of booking is a legally binding agreement between Participant and Organiser. 

2.7 Booking fees stated on the website are correct. However the Organiser reserves the right to change booking fees at any time. 

2.8 The Fees include one access to the event ( onsite or online, according to the chosen option) , refreshments, lunch, cocktail, event materials (online or onsite) and access to all the presentations during the event. The Fees exclude access to special experiences, which are by invitation only. The fees exclude any travel or accommodation arrangements. 

2.9 The VAT of 20% applies to the participants from any country. 

2.10 The Participant agrees that photos, video or audio recordings might be conducted during The Event, including of photography and video of groups and individuals participating in The Event. The Participant agrees to permit Experiential Yachting, or any third party licenced by Experiential Yachting, the exploitation or distribution of any video, audio or images materials in all or any media, social media, for the purpose of advertising, publicity, reporting and so on. Please inform Experiential Yachting or any third party licenced by Experiential Yachting if you don’t want to be included in any video, photo or audio recordings.

2.11 Any material distributed by Experiential Yachting before, during  or after the Event can not be reproduced without the perdition of The Organiser. 

2.12 The Participant is responsible for arranging any own appropriate insurance cover in connection with your attendance at the Event. The Organiser is not be liable for any kind of loss or damage to The Participant or any personal property.

2.13 The Program of The Event is communicated in advance in a due time. Whilst the programme for the Event is correct at the time of communication, The Organiser may change the content, format, venue or timing of the Event. In this case the Participant will be notified of such changes prior to The Event. In case the changes related to venue or timing of The Event are not convenient, The Participant may request the refund of the booking fees in full. 

2.14 The Event will be streaming online and available for replay on the domain . This domain is managed by - the platform provider of the live streaming. This domain does not belong to the Organiser and is used only for live streaming and replay opportunities, provided by  The Organiser is not liable for any direct, indirect, special or other consequential loss or damage occurred on this domain. You may contact in case of any claims. 



3. Cancelation Policy and Postponements 


3.1 The Participant may request to cancel the attendance. The refund of full Fees will be made if the cancelation is made in written and send to the Organisers by email to 60 days prior to the Event. The Fees are non-refundable if the cancelation is made later than 60 days prior to the Event.  


3.2 The Participant may request to substitute his / her presence by another participant in case of non ability to participate in the event. The substitute request should be sent to The Organiser by email to no later than 5 days before The Event. The Organiser has a right to accept or refuse the request.

3.3 In case of Force Major, related to Covid-19 or any other exceptional circumstance, Experiential Yachting may postpone or cancel the Event. In this case all the Participants will be notified as soon as possible of any such postponement or cancellation. If the Event is cancelled or postponed and the Participant cannot attend the rearranged date, the Organiser will refund the full Fees  paid by the Participant in advance within four weeks.

3. 4 In case of cancelation by Force Major the Organiser’s liability to the Participant is limited to the amount of the Fees paid by the Participant. Experiential Yachting is not liable to the Participant for any expenditure, damage or loss incurred as a result of the cancellation or postponement.

3.5 The ticket is non-refundable, except 3.1.  The change of On-line ticket to On-site ticket and vice-versa is not possible. 

3.7 All the transactions of payment are managed by Stripe. The organiser is not responsible for any issues related to payment transactions. In case of any questions please contact directly

3.6 The purchase of the Content Access (replay of the event and presentations) is granted for the unlimited period of time and non-refundable. 


4. Privacy & Cookies Policy

4.1 To Book the attendance at The Event , The Participant should submit registration details, names, job titles, organisation names, contract details and other relevant information. This information will be registered in the Participant List of the Event. The Participant List may be shared to other Participants and partners and any third parties related to The Event for the purpose of networking and meeting organisation. The Participant may refuse to be added to this list by sending an email with the request to

4.2 The Participants and Partners of The Event, who receive the Participant List agree that in no case they shall not use the provided details for any promotional or marketing purposes or any other purposes. 

4.3 Experiential Yachting will use the details provided by the Participant only for the purpose of the Event or for the marketing purposes. 

4.4 The emails of online attendees are shared through platform to generate

4.5 To receive the access to replay and other content of the event, the user must log-in and purchase the access. All the data collected during this process ( i.e. name, surname, email, company name, telephone number) is used strictly for the purpose of granting the user an access to the member's page. The email may be also used for the newsletters related to the new content of this page. 

4.6 All the transactions of payment are managed by Stripe. The organiser is not responsible for any issues related to payment transactions or data collected by Stripe to effectuate the transaction. In case of any questions please contact directly

4.7 This Website might use Cookies. To learn more and for a detailed cookie notice, the Participant may consult the Cookies consist of portions of code installed in the browser that assist the Owner in providing the Service according to the purposes described. Some of the purposes for which Cookies are installed may also require the User’s consent. Where the installation of Cookies is based on consent, such consent can be freely withdrawn at any time following the instructions provided in this document.


5. Liability

5.1 The Organiser is not liable for any views expressed by speakers or participants or for any advice given during an Event. Materials distributed at the Event are intended for information only and should not be relied upon. The Organiser is not liable for any intellectual property rights or images or video copyrights of any materials provided by the speakers or participants. 

5.2 The Organiser is not liable to the Participant for any direct, indirect, economic or consequential loss or any loss of business, use, profit, anticipated profit, contracts, revenues, goodwill or anticipated savings arising related to the Event. 




6. Applicable Law

6.1  Any disputes or claim arising out of or in relation to these Terms and Conditions or in the relationship between the users and the Organiser, it should be first trying to be resolved amicably between the parties. If the disputes cannot be resolved amicably within 30 days it shall be settle in accordance to what provided for by current Terms & Conditions and Privacy & Cookies Policy. 

6.2  Any dispute or claim arising out of or in relation to Terms & Conditions and Privacy & Cookies Policy and also separate agreements, if any(including non-contractual disputes or claims) or their subject matter shall be governed by the laws of England or the laws of Monaco and Participant agrees that the Courts of England and Wales or the Courts of Monaco will have exclusive jurisdiction to hear any such disputes or claims.


7. Binding Terms & Conditions 

7.1  These Conditions of the Event constitute the whole agreement between  the parties as to the subject matter hereof and are binding. By Booking the access to the Event the Participant agree to accept these Terms and Conditions and confirm that he/she has read and understood all of the terms and conditions contained herein and agree that they are bound hereto. 

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